Transcript of: What to watch for in 2008

Panel 1

Anneliese: Well, this is officially the lamest New Year's ever. I can't believe everyone we know is out of town. Happy 2008!

Marie: Yeah, I didn't think we'd be watching tv and looking at magazines until sunup... Hey – do you think there's other life in the universe?

Panel 2

Anneliese: What? Oh, yeah, totally! Advanced life, I'll bet. Why?

Marie: Oh, I'm just drunkenly half-reading this article here: "Earth's invisible pollution. "Apparently all the radio and tv transmissions we send are also, like, leaking out into space. It takes them 18 years to reach the outskirts of our solar system, so if there's any, like, aliens out there then that's how long it's taking the signals to reach them. Cra-zee.

Panel 3

Anneliese: 18 Years, eh? Hey, do you -

Panel 4

Anneliese: Wait a minute – 18 years?! We've got to get out of here!! We've got to get to the basement or a bomb shelter or a cave or something!! Holy Fuck!!

Panel 5

Marie: What?? Why?!

Anneliese: Think about it!!! AAAAH!! Where are the car keys?!

Panel 6

Narrator: Ten minutes later


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