The T-Shirt

Transcript of: The T-ShirtEdit

Panel 1

Shirt: Idiots/ Everyone Else/ Life's Pie Chart

Panel 2

Raoul: ?

Fence: NO PAR

Panel 3


Raoul: That's kind of a ridiculous shirt, don't you think?

Panel 4

T-shirt Girl: Sure.

Panel 5

Raoul: Well, what's the message you're sending here? You see the world... How, exactly?

Panel 6

T-Shirt Girl: I don't know

Panel 7

Raoul: Oh, C'mon! I think that's a pretty specific statement you're making there! So what is it? Everyone except you is just SO stupid, is that it? Everyone who's not an arty-hipster-whatever is just a brain-dead hillbilly who's like, crampin' your style? The horror of being forced to share the streets with people who don't meet your standards? Being stuck in a world with, heaven forbid, people who are different from yourself, and who I guess are therefore idiots??

Panel 8

T-Shirt Girl: No, it's more like being stuck waiting for the 23 downtown express at 7am be-cause some idiot stole your bike overnight and it's too far to walk, and another idiot left a purple crayon in the clothes dryer at your building so all your good clothes got ruined and the only clean thing you could find to wear to work is the one T-shirt you hate because people always make annoying comments about it, and the Lo-and-behold, you haven't been out of the house for 5 minutes when some fucking IDIOT who got caught drunk driving and lost his license sidles up to you and starts making annoying, asshole comments because he's desperately trying to draw attention away from himself.

Panel 9

Raoul: ... How did you know I -

T-shirt Girl: A guy in an Armani suit waiting for a bus? I'd have to be an idiot not to figure that one out.

Other NotesEdit

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