The home of Adolf Hitler, 1933: Doubt creeps in

Panel 1

Officer: Chancellor Hitler has retired for the evening. He is exhausted from the day's events and is not to be disturbed for any reason Your watch will be relieved at 0800 hours, Corporal.

Corporal: Yes sir!

Panel 2

Officer: Goodnight then, Corporal.

Corporal: Wait, Sir! Wait a minute! Can I talk to you about something?

Panel 3

Officer: What is it Jurgen? And why so glum?! This is a great time to be alive!

Panel 4

Corporal: Yes, yes of course it is! I know that Herr Hitler is the great leader who will bring respect and prosperity to Germany - I mean, I KNOW that. It's just... I mean it's...

Panel 5

  • BzZzZAPPp*

Panel 6


Panel 7


Panel 8

Corporal: ... It's these constant attempts on his life by time travellers!! I mean, you kind of have to wonder!!

Hitler: Will you be quiet out there!!

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