Transcript of: The Benz

Panel 1


Murray: Yeargh!

Panel 2

Murray: FUCK, man! Why's it that no matter how fast you're driving there's some fuckin' asshole in a german luxury car who has to blow past you like you're a traffic cone?!

Zoe Muggs: Fucken rich people, man. They have ISSUES.

Murray's hat label: Murray Lawn Care

Panel 3

Murray: It's ALWAYS rich people! Speeding and blowing stop signs and turning left like five seconds after the light goes red! Every time it's a fuckin' Mercedes or a Beemer or what-fuckin'-ever! Act like they got a right to gnore the rules 'cause they got more cash! Get in your car and suddenly there's a caste system goin' on, man!

Panel 4

Zoe Muggs: Fuck it. I see a Benz pulling some sketchy fast-drivin' shit and I just see a person who's fundamentally mental. Doesn't even have the patience to drive under 60km? Happy, well-adjusted people don't act like that. I just see a guy who's too fucked in the head to enjoy life, y'know?

Panel 5

Zoe Muggs: Too stressed out by money and social climbing to relax and take in the pleasures of life or whatever. That's what these people are like. Don't let 'em get to you – just let 'em go and then feel sorry for them. Pity the fools, man.

Murray: Fuckin' A.

Panel 6

Murray: The street's yours man! Don't stop the smell the roses or anything!

Voice in the Benz: Faster!

Panel 7

Tall Neo Nazi Time Traveler: Faster, you fool! The chrono car must reach a velocity of 142 kilometers per hour if we are to jump back in time and KILL PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT!!

Panel 8

Narration: Soon

Huge President Roosevelt: I do declare you boys picked the wrong Roosevelt!

Neo Nazi Time Travelers: SHRIEK!!

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