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Title Notable Characters Featured
1: Fanboy Follies
2: Down at the Gas Station


3: Underwater Wild West
4: Oedipus Redux The Sphynx
5: Los Hombres Loco
6: Professor Stuartt Stickman
7: Sweeny the Clown
8: The Evolution of Alternative Music
9: Opposite World Raoul, Shamus
10: Ain't No Karma
11: An alternate reality, in which people's physical size is directly proportional to their level of intelligence
12: About The Author
13: Down At The Library PHG
14: Probably
15: If Hollywood Was A Person
16 Metaphors for the Superhero Comics Industry
17 Let's All Get Plastic Surgery!
18 Unpopular Halloween Costumes
19 Huh? Oh PHG
20 Surprise Ending
21 The Home of Adolf Hitler...
22 Backup Goaltender
23 Sphynx II
24 It's a Nightmare to Someone
25 People Who Look Like Animals
26: Down At The Mall PHG
27 Perspective Man
28: Why must life be so disappointing?
29 Emil Mortandu, Freelance Tyrant
30 Please Enjoy Science Responsibly
31 Get Rich Quick
32 Explaining the Success of Shitty Bands
33 You Know it's True!!!
34 Apartment for Rent
35 A Terrifying Glimpse Into the Future
36: Down at the new Health Spa
37 It Almost Feels Sorry For Them
38 Speed Dating Follies
39 The Jackbooted Thugs
40 If TV Was a Person
41 Some People Like Them
42: Friday Evening with the Sphynx The Sphynx
43 The No-Bullshit Emporium
44 Supervillains Anonymous
45 The Distinction Being...?
46 How to Get a Job
47 Duh.
48 Unpopular Halloween Costumes II
49 Hitchhiking in Them Thar Hills
50 The Wager
51 Down at the Drugstore PHG
52 Down at the Office Supplies Superstore PHG
53 Down at the Post Office PHG
54 Ballet Audition
55 The Christmas Comic
56 What to Watch For in 2008
57 Down at the Restaurant
58: The Future
59 Sphynx IV
60 Sorry, I'm New Here
61 Now Available in Cans
62: Randy's Hobby Shop
63 Mrs. Smith is a Nasty Piece of Work
64 The Electoral Process
65 Sphynx V
66 The Atheist Apocalypse
67 The Metaphor's New Clothes
68 Take The Tightrope
69 Bernard
70 Down
71 The Crowd at a Rock Show
72 Not Worth It!
73: Subway Crossword Fiction
74 Ye Olde Part One
75 Movie Cone
76 Hockey PHG
77 Sweding
78 Sphynx the Sixth
79 In Defense of Weird General Pete
80 o--o
81 Hypothetical Situation
82 Down at the Job Interview PHG
83 Paint it Grey
84 The Benz
85 Sphynx VII
86 Newsstand Follies
87 The T-Shirt
88 Truth Ninja
89 Down on 14th Street
90 Science Fair
91 The Coward's Tale
92 Casting Call Sphynx
93 Sex Fantasy
94 Meet Stephen Harper
95 Hell
96 Appetite For Destruction
97 The Further Adventures of the Sphynx
98 Seven Dichotomies in a Bar PHG
99 The Service PHG
100: Down at the bus stop, a Sphynx!
101: What Do You Want For Christmas?
102: Effects
103: Everything's Better With Cheese!
104: There Are Two Kinds Of People
105 Life is a Motel Room
106 Horror Fiction Lady of the Night Ethel
107 The Line
108 One Day in The New Kingdom
109 The Calendar
110 Bosstravaganza
111 Sphynx X The Sphynx
112: Webcomic About Video Games
113 The Customer From Hell
114 Ode On Embarrassment
115 The 1st Annual Awards
116 Constellation of Trolls
117 Neo-Nazi Time Travellers
118 The New Apartment
119 Illegal to be a Jerk
120 Associations
121: 1984-2009
122 This Apartment Earth
123 Sphynx XI PHG
124 Mr. Parsons
125 Down at the Beach PHG
126 The Future II
127 If your brain was a person
128 Down at the Used Car Lot PHG
129 Down at the Supermarket PHG
130 Sphynx XII The Sphynx
131: The World's Worst Dating Service
132 Halloween Costumes III
133: Weird?
134 The judge takes the bus
135 The Date From Hell
136 Shango the Atomic Cowgirl
137 (why i like animals)
138 A Christmas Eve in The Future
139 Musical Wheres
140 Best Friends Forever
141 Down at Table Six PHG
142 Shyness
143 Understanding Nuclear Weapons
144 The Little Signs
145 Sphynx XIII The Sphynx
146 Too Many Supervillains
147 A Glimpse
148 Over at the Airport
149 Interviews
150 Subnormality #150
151 This Job is Hell Devil #76
152 Stairs
153 Every Apartment Ever
154 Monsters Playing Poker The Sphinx
155 Down at Table 22 PHG
156 The Creative Process
157 See the Sign?
158 Choose Your Own Adventure
159: Loserdom
160: Down on 13th Avenue PHG
161: Monstrous Discrepancies
162 The Spy
163 The Hookup From Hell Devil #76
164 The Race
165 The Maturity Climb
166: The Museum of the Theoretical Justine
167 Subnormality Gets Quietly Hammered PHG , Mongo, Ethel
168 Sphynx XIV The Sphynx
169 Down at the Bus Stop PHG , The Sphynx
170 Sand Witch
171 Elevator Antics
172 Here Be Dragons
173 The Inner Dark Ethel
174 The Last Stand
175: Sexier Than
176 The Tag Team PHG
177 The Interview PHG
178 The Null Space Program Devil #76
179 Just Visiting
180 Library Computer The Sphynx, Mongo, Justine
181 The Meet Cute Ethel
182 Dating Roulette
183 Tomorrow Never Knows
184 Summer Afternoon
185: If The News Media Was A Person
186: We Assume Of Others What We Know Of Ourselves PHG, Justine, Anneliese
187: The Emperor of the Universe PHG, Emperor of the Universe
188: The Rude Stranger Ethel, Voice Over Lady
189: Consequences Marie, Anneliese
190: Halloween Party PHG , The Sphynx, Justine, Devil 76. Raoul, Shamus
191: Invi ible Man
192: Book Store Justine
193: Merry Sphynxmas The Sphynx, PHG, Rumbutter McSquash
194: Between Stops Marie, Anneliese, PHG
195: Secret Admirer Ethel
196: Just Visiting Visitors from Alpha Centauri, Zoe Muggs, Justine, Voice Over Lady, PHG, Mongo, T-Shirt Girl, General Pete, Raoul, Marie, Anneliese, Sphynx, Devil 76, Ethel Blackmore, Emperor of the Universe
197: The Mission
198: Mini-Golf Hell Devil 76
199: ... PHG, Sphynx, Marie, Anneliese
200: Anomalies
201: landscape
202: Down at the Museum of the Theoretical Ethel
203: The Superconvenient Nonreligious Confessional Rick, Bernard
204: Floor Plan of the Mind
205: Conversation Ethel, Justine, PHG, Marie, Anneliese
206: Hallway PHG, Ethel
207: Defocus
208: A-B Road Marie, Anneliese
209: The Bullied General Pete
210: Gesundheit PHG , Ethel, General Pete
211: Superhighway
212: The Portrait PHGThe Sphynx
213: Seven reasons to maybe feel slightly better about things
214: Accidentally Insulting A Friend PHG , Ethel
215: A Photo of Yourself From The Future Bernard
216: zanadu
217: Subnormality is Alone on Friday Night PHG , The Sphynx, Ethel, General Pete, Justine, Zoe Muggs
218: Watching Ethel
219: duəl PHG , The Sphynx, Ethel, Anneliese, Justine, T-Shirt Girl, General Pete
220: If A Novelty Rap-Metal Band Plays To A Nearly Empty Room, Do They Make A Sound? General Pete, Zoe Muggs, Justine
221: Message 652
222: Gimme Shelter Ethel, Justine
223: MuZeum Zoe Muggs
224: Subnormality Tells The Truth PHG, Ethel, Justine, General Pete, Marie, Anneliese, Zoe Muggs

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