Transcript of: Pizza Hut Sphynx

Pizza hut server Jim: Uh... Hi, W-welcome to Pizza Hu-

Sphynx: Yeah, Hi. Can I ask you something? This has been bugging me, and I keep meaning to bring it up when I'm here: What is the name? Why is it called "Pizza Hut??"

Panel 2

Jim: W-why is it called Pizza Hut..?

Sphynx: Yeah, Why?? It's kind of a stupid name, don't you think? I mean, how is this a hut exactly? It's clearly NOT a hut – it's a generic low-rise commercial building! Right??

Panel 3

Jim: M-maybe it... uh... refers to, uh...

Sphynx: Refers to what? A hut? Is there some pleistocene mud shanty I should know about where the franchise originated? Some kind of deep-dish tribe in the serengeti, maybe – the company founder draped in hides, grating cheese with an ostrich skull? Am I in the ballpark here, or do you maybe want to start respecting my intelligence?

Jim: I-I r-really think it's j-just a f-fun kind of name that -

Panel 4

Sphynx: So how is a HUT any fun?! Why not an actually good structure?? How abot Pizza Mansion or Pizza Condo? Wouldn't that be better than a friggin' hut?! You're not making sense!

Jim: Okay, yes – it's stupid!! It's extremely stupid!! I'll get on the phone with corporate and beg them to change the name, I swear to God I will!! It'll be called something else next week!!

Panel 5

Sphynx: Well, I'm glad to hear it! I think that's pretty basic customer service. And I'm sure your bosses will agree – a business' name should accurately tell people what to expect, y'now?

Jim: Right, yes of course.

Panel 6

Jim: So maybe we should rename it "Suburban Monster Buffet?"

Sphynx: Yeah, that'd work!

Diners: ! !