Transcript of: The ongoing continuing further adventures of the Sphynx

Panel 1

Sphynx: Heya! I'd like to register for your open mike comedy night.

Receptionist: Alllriiight... Uh...

Panel 2

Receptionist: What, uh, kind of material do you have?

Sphynx: Oh, mostly just super-obscure jokes about classical music. It's my thing. I'd like a 30-minute slot if at all possible, 'cause I have this one bit about Corona Elisabeth Wilhelmine Schröter and Schroeder from "Peanuts" and it has like a really long buildup to it.

Panel 3

Receptionist: Uh... Well, I Uh... I'm not sure if your, uh, subject matter will appeal to the kind of audience we –

Sphynx: No, that's the best part – I always bring down the house! I've got this great sign here that I take with me on stage, and I also throw out a couple verbal cues to let people know that things will get really abattoiry if they start negatively affecting the fun atmosphere that I bring. You don't have to worry about people not enjoying themselves.

Sign: Laugh or DIE

Panel 4: Here, I even got a great review in this week's "ArtScene!" Ahem: "The Sphynx brought her act to Milo's comedy lounge last night and it was the best thing I've ever seen in my life. In agreement were my wife and children, none of whom have much meat on them or would be suitable for barbecuing." Five stars – Not bad!

Receptionist: Okay, so I"ve penciled you in for eight o'clock...

Panel 5 [That Night]

Sphynx: Alright, so a stuffy, well-dressed european guy gets off the plane at rafic hariri international airport, and he's walking around looking a little confused. He gets a taxi into town – the driver only speaks Arabic – and he goes wandering around the streets for hours, craning his neck around, peering into doorways, that kind of thing. Eventually a policeman takes notice of the guy, and after following him around for a while he walks over to ask what's wrong – the guy just looks really lost, total fish out of water. "Can I assist you with something," the cop asks, and the tourist – wiping the sweat from his brow, ultra-thick German accent – he stammers back "I've been vandering around for hours but I kan't zeem to find ze damned Vagner festival!!"