Transcript of: Sorry, I'm new here

Panel 1

Customer: Yes, Hello, I need a bookcase please.

Salesclerk: Okay, no problem! We're actually having a sale on bookcases this month!

Panel 2

Salesclerk: This is the "Billy" bookcase right here, and it's only 69.95 until February 24th. That's for the plain white – the oak veneer is like 20 bucks more, I think. It looks really nice though!

Customer: Alright. What is the megaton yield of this model?

Panel 3

Saleclerk: The... megaton yield??

Customer Yes. And is it collapsible? Will it fit into an average, unremarkable briefcase? It's very important that it fit into a briefcase.

Panel 4

Salesclerk: Um, are you sure a bookcase is what you're looking for..?

Panel 5

Customer: Yes, it's exactly what I'm looking for! It's right here in this Email! My boss is expecting delivery of the bookcase by Friday! There's some kind of important event going on this weekend, and it is imperative that a bookcase of these technical specifications be secured before then!

Panel 6

Salesclerk: Let's see? Oh, you know what, it's probably a code word, don't you think? Like, in case the message is intercepted by the CIA or whoever, he just wrote "The Bookcase" instead of actually saying "The Nuclear Bomb," so the authorities won't know what you're discussing, right?

Customer: Oh my God, you're right!! That makes so much more sense!

Panel 7

Customer: Oh man, this is so embarassing! I'm really sorry – I'm kind of new at this, you see. I just signed up last week and this is my first "assignment."

Salesclerk: Hey, no worries – I know exactly how you feel! I just started here on Monday and you wouldn't believe some of the stupid crap I've done!