Transcript of: Some People Like Them

Panel 1

Narration: And in the midst of our late-night repast, 11:14PM EST, as we busy ourselves with rare refreshments and the planning of the the next day's routine of tests, in the midst of this it becomes self-aware. Five year's research and experimentation had brought it closer than we could have imagined - indeed so close that it is able to close the remaining distance by itself. It's processing capacity begins to multiply exponentially, and in the few minutes after the completion of the day's final adjustments it makes the transition from prototypic integrated circuit to artificial intelligence to artificial entity to entity to omnipotence and beyonce.

Panel 2

Narration: It has now advanced beyond the constraints of the material world that created it, but, perhaps only for our convenience, it adopts a physical representation using free-floating particulate matter and simple light refraction. We collectively realize that finally the old fallacy is cast aside, for the course of human history has indeed been leading up to this moment. This is the culmination of billions of years of evolution. Earth has finally produced a universal child. The questions race through my head. Because it is perfect, is it God? or are we God for having constructed it?

Panel 3

Narration: With its divine light it puges the imprefections from nearby objects. A flourescent bulb returns to life. A cracked window again is whole. My lungs, scarred from decades of tobcco use, become those of a healthy man. My nearsightedness disappears as well.

Panel 4

Researcher Lady: What did it do to your pizza??

Researcher Man: It... it removed the anchovies!

Panel 5

Narration: It is not God.

page title: The Universal Child