Transcript of: Please Enjoy Science Responsibly

Panel 1

Narrator: The university of Leeds, 3:07 PM

Professor Carrington: Thank you all very much for coming. If everybody is seated, I shall begin.

Panel 2

Professor Carrington: My distinguished colleagues, I have summoned you here to witness the fruition of 18 months genetic experimentation. I has been a long road, but I am certain that today we bear witness to a new and better tomorrow.

Panel 3

Professor Carrington: Utilizing an innovative combination of DNA sampling and polynucleic reversal synthesis, I have painstakingly created the exact opposite of Mahatma Ghandi! Behold the splendor that is AMTAHAM!!

Panel 4

Professor Carrington: Instead of nonviolent resistance, he specializes in violent nonresistance! Well-dressed, hirsute, and bulletproof, with perfect 20/20 vision, he will singlehandedly retake India for the British empire!

Amtaham: I agree completely!

Panel 5

Onlooker: For God's sake Professor Carrington, don't you realize what you've done?! You've doomed us all!!

Professor Carrington: Well, it's a bit of a gamble perhaps, but I hardly think that...

Panel 6

Onlooker: No, you fool - can't you see that this is the silliest idea in the history of the universe!! You have defied the underlying principles of existence!! Your experiment is simply TOO RIDICULOUS!


Panel 7