Transcript of: It's Perspective Man

Panel 1

Black shirt teenager: Dude, life SUCKS!! My dad says I have to start paying for my own cell phone minutes, so I have to get a part time job! Like, what the fuck?!

Yellow shirt teenager: Tell me about it! I've got three tests next week and this stupid English essay that I haven't even started yet! I'm gonna have to spend Friday night doing HOMEWORK! Life TOTALLY sucks!!

Panel 2

Perspective man: Greeting, citizens! It is I, Perspective Man, here to give you some much-needed perspective on life!

Panel 3

Perspective man: You might think you have it tough, but did you know that one billion people worldwide live in poverty and without basic access to water? And more than two billion people lack basic sanitation and live on less than two dollars per day!! Every day 30,000 kids die because of poverty! Every year in the developing world, 10 million children die before the age of five, and 15 million are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS! So maybe your lives are a lot better than you think, eh?

Black shirt teenager: Yeah, I guess. But we don't LIVE in the developing world-We live HERE. You can't just expect people to--

Panel 4

  • BAM*

Perspective man: O-kay! I tried!

Mouseover text: this comic is about punching