Marie Morse is Anneliese's roommate. Well, possibly roommate. She is an Asian brunette usually seen with Anneliese kvetching about everything, especially aliens, human relations, and the nature of the universe.

Marie knows how harsh her opinion of herself can be, and imagines strategies with which to ameliorate these feelings. Sometimes this takes the form of laughing at other people's foibles, but she can never bring herself to challenge them to their faces. Which may, in itself, be one of her imagined strategies quietly at work.

She is also notable for revealing the non-existence of the fictional field demon Princess Washburn to Anneliese. Marie is also aware of being a character in a comic strip herself.

She has a fondness for crosswords and pontification.


Marie has appeared in 7.5% of comics (8.2% since her debut).

She has appeared, on average, every 12 comics since her debut.

She has not been seen in 6 comics (#208 )

She has appeared in 17 comics: #20 , #43 , #56 , #73 , #102 , #116 , #152 , #171 , #179 , #184 , #189 , #194 , #196 , #199 , #205 , #208#217

6 of those were Subtle Background Appearances: #43 , #116 , #184 , #199 , #205 , #217


Marie's first appearance was in Subnormailty #20 . She was named in a comic outside of Subnormality, according to Winston Rowntree.

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