You don't want to know how she does it.

Justine is a young lawncare expert, most noted for being, inarguably, the multiverse's hottest dork. Male dorks with preconceptions as to what her outward appearance conveys are so startled to discover her deep interest in engineering, 20th Century military history, or other dork eclectica, that their existence becomes unhinged on some quantum level, and their own physical forms are transmogrified. Can affect merely horny men in her vicinity, who usually keep their distance due to what they perceive as her unapproachable beauty. Justine herself is largely oblivious to these reality-shattering powers of hers.

An alternate Justine was seen curating the Museum of the Theoretical, though the curator is suggested to always be an alternate of those who happen upon it.


Justine has appeared in 6.5% of comics (9.2% since her debut).

She has appeared, on average, every 11 comics since her debut.

She has not been seen in 9 comics (#205 )

She has appeared in 15 comics: #62 , #89 , #98 , #120 , #159 , #166 , #167 , #180 , #184 , #186 , #190 , #192 , #196 , #205, #217

2 of those were Subtle Background Appearances (SBAs): #89 , #184


Justine's first appearance was in Subnormality #62 . Her name appears in the image title to #159 .