Transcript of: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Panel 1

Little brunette girl: I wanna be an astronaut! I wanna be the first person to walk on Mars!

Panel 2

Little brunette boy: I wanna be a police man an' stop bad guys!

Panel 3

Little tubby boy: I'm gonna be a major league baseball player like Cal Ripken Junior!

Panel 4

Little Pete: I wanna be in a novelty rap-metal band and live in a cargo van.

Panel 5

Little blonde girl: You're WEIRD!

Little Pete: !

Panel 6

Little blonde girl: I wanna be a doctor and help sick people!

Panel 7

Narrator: 20 Years Later

Panel 8


Panel 9


Memo: Stapler protocol

Memo: Memo to all staff

Memo: Don't ...

Panel 10

Book title: Reference

Calendar: June

Panel 11 <no readable text>

Panel 12


Drum set: THE GENERALS ★★★

Jar on ground: Gas $$

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