Transcript of: Hockey

Panel 1

Narrator (Mongo): I was waiting for the subway after work, looking around at the other people on the platform.

Hat: Movie Cone

Panel 2

Narrator: There was a girl wearing these rather confining leggings like it was no big deal, and I was not the only one stealing a few glances.

Panel 3

Narrator: I started thinking about what it would be like to be comfortable with revealing yourself in such a manner, not being the sort of person who would ever be comfortable doing such a thing. I pretty much go out of my way to conceal as uch of my person as possible, and yet here's someone who's doing the opposite - leaving no mysteries about her physicality at all.

Panel 4

Narrator: That's a pretty significant difference in mentality, I figure. My mind wandered. I considered the mental/physical divide like I so often do. Would people reveal themselves mentally as well, were it possible? Are there people who, again unlike myself, would be willing to put their minds casually on display? What if everything about a person's mind was just as easily revealed as their body?

Panel 5

inside of monster's mouth: ME

top of another monster's head: INSERT SOUL ↓

Panel 6

Narrator: I then briskly turned my thoughts to hockey.

Newspaper: Sports/ Forecast/ Sofa Sale!/

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