Transcript of Discovered down on 14th StreetEdit

Panel 1

Sign [Japanese Characters] SALE

Kimono: $20

Panel 2

Steve Parsons:

Excuse me, Hi! I was just admiring your look. You're very striking. Fabulous skin. Have you ever done any modeling work or anything?

PHG Oh, um. No! I'd kind of like to try it though. Thanks for the compliments!

Panel 3

Steve Parsons:

Well, you've definitely got a great thing going on. I know a lot of people who'd love to see someone like you. Would you be at all interested in meeting with me at my office tomorrow?

Panel 4

Steve Parsons: I have this dinner engagement tomorrow evening, so if I could see you some time in the afternoon, that'd be great. Here's my card. My name's Steve Parsons, I've been in the industry for 13 years.

PHG: Hi! Yeah, wicked. I could totally meet you tomorrow! My name's... Um...

Panel 5

Business card: Steve Parsons/ Cannibal Chef/ "Beautiful Food"/ Catering for clients large and small since 1995/ T(590)826- / F(590)721-5 / sparsons@G

Panel 6

PHG: You're not, like, a modeling agent?

Steve Parsons: Me? No. Y'now I practically have to be nowadays though! Clients expectations are just so much higher than they used to be. It's a real cutthroat industry, pardon the expression. Sometimes I long for the old days when you could just fry up a bunch of hobos and still expect repeat business.

Panel 7

Steve Parsons: Anyhow, you've got my number. I hope I'll see you to-morrow – You have a lot of potential. This could be a great opportunity for you. Some real exposure. You can meet some real high-rollers in this business, albeit from inside a fondue pot.

PHG: Do most people end up calling you?

Newspaper machine: The Daily Fuck you in the Face

Sign: On Sale

Sign: SALE!

Panel 8

Steve Parsons: Hey, like I said – in business for 13 years! Nice meeting you, gotta run!

Panel 9

PHG: Oh my god – Why is this such a hard decision?!


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