Transcript of: Ballet Audition

Pre-panel: Open auditions for new local ballet company this tuesday. Must have strong classical technique. Female dancers only. Please apply to 171 river street, entrance B, The Warehouse District.

Panel 1 <no text>

Panel 2

Sign: Ballet Auditions ->

Panel 3 <no text>

Panel 4

Ballerina: Hello??

Panel 5

Shadowy silhouettes: Please remove your jacket and stand in the circle.

Panel 6 <no text>

Panel 7

Shadowy silhouettes: Good. Now could we see a first arabesque position, please?

Panel 8

Ballerina: Alright...

Panel 9


Panel 10 <no text>

Panel 11

Ballerina: mMmMMFFF!!


Panel 12


Panel 13

*chUnk chUnk chUnk chUnk*

Panel 14


Panel 15

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