Transcript of: Apartment for Rent

Modern 2 Bedrm. Apt. for rent. $700/month inclusive. Laundry in basement, public transit one block away, new appliances, shared internet. Call Sheila at 590-555-1665

Panel 1

Blonde: Hi, I'm here to see the apartment.

Brunette: Great! Come in!

Panel 2

Brunette: It's the second floor of the house, all hardwood floors, and the appliances are brand n-

Blonde: Wait. Just... wait a second.

Panel 3

Blonde: I've been looking at places all weekend, and it's been a complete disaster each and every time. I've looked at a basement suite that shared a wall with a subway tunnel, I've been to a 26 storey building with no elevator and no doors on any of the apartments, I've been to a shared house where no-one seemed to mind that every surface was covered in a slick, translucent jelly, and I just took a long hard look at a two-bedroom loft that was only accessible by yogic flying because it was the best thing I'd seen all day.. Every place I look at has some kind of horrifying problem that's not mentioned in the ad, and it's driving me nuts.

Panel 4

Blonde: So, y'now, forget the grand tour. Just save me some time and tell me what's wrong with --

Brunette: Indoor weather.

Blonde: Thank you.