Sweeny the Clown is the seventh Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

Hardened criminal Boris Vanderslash has escaped from jail and stolen Sweeny the Clown's identity, and now has to work as a children's birthday clown to maintain his cover, despite his terrifying demeanour.

Transcript Edit

Panel #1

Boris: Sorry, Readers - Sweeny can't be here to entertain you today. He's Dead!! My names's Boris Vanderslash and I had to murder Sweeny and assume his identity because I just broke outta jail and I need to hide from the fuckin' authorities!

Panel #2

Boris: Yeah, I was doing' 328 years for killin the entire audience at the broadway premiere of "The Singing Hombres Loco" plus another 65 years because I coughed in the judge's sandwich and gave him cancer! But I busted out!

Panel #3

Boris: So now I gotta do kids fuckin birthday parties to maintain my cover! Fuckin price of freedom, I guess!

Panel #4

Boris: Heyyyyy kids!! It's me, Sweeny the fuckin' clown! Who wants to see what the inside of a larynx looks like??!

  • AAAAAHHH!!!*