This is the 58th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

A man is trying to persuade his girlfriend to have sex with him in public because "it's the future" and social norms have changed. She complains that she's tired of him always wanting to do things that were taboo several centuries ago, given that the future is their present. He insults her by asking if in the future it will be acceptable to call her a "total fucking bitch", and she creates a clone of herself at a nearby booth and leaves to have sex with her clone.

100 years later, the man complains on a bus about his ex-girlfriend being "a total fucking bitch" and the surrounding passengers express disapproval for his language.

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Jedd: Hey, C'mon, what's wrong? Relax! This is the future – it's socially acceptable to have insane donkey sex in the middle of a crowded shopping mall!

Panel 2

Girlfriend: Yeah, I know – It's the future. Look, Jedd, I'm not in the mood for this right now. We need to talk.

Jedd: Oh, here we go..!

Panel 3

Girlfriend: Yeah-Here we go! This is the thing with you – all you care about is doing things that were taboo five centuries ago ,and then when I'm not in the mood I'm a regressive bore or whatever! And stop calling it the "The Future"!! It's the PRESENT!! It's NOW!! You might as well call it "The Past," 'cause that's what it's gonna be 100 years from now..!!

Panel 4

Jedd: Man, you're right! So do you think it'll be socially acceptable to call your girlfriend a total fucking bitch 100 years from now?!

Panel 5

Girlfriend: You mean your EX-girlfriend?! I don't know – write and tell me when you find out! It's over Jedd! This is the FUTURE, you see so I can just clone myself from a vending machine while my EX-boyfriend is insulting me, and then my clone and I can go have sex! In a room!! With a bed in it!! And some nice music playing!!!

Vending Machine Label: 2'YOU/Duplication on Demand

Jedd: Fine!! Y-you're in MY past now!!

Panel 6

Narration: 100 years later...

Old Jedd: Man, when I was young I had this girlfriend who was a total fucking bitch.

Young man: Hey, watch your language!!