Oedipus Redux is the fourth Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

The Sphynx challenges Oedipus to a riddle, and kills him when he answers wrong on a technicality. Jocasta arrives and mourns for her son/husband. Disgusted, the Sphynx declares that Jocasta is the real monster and forces her to take over as the riddle-asker.

Transcript Edit

Panel #1

Oedipus: Begone from this place, O Sphynx!! I command you to Lea-

Sphynx: Yeah! Fine! Whatever! Answer the following riddle and I'll friggin go:

Sign: <-Thebes  Monster ->

Panel #2

Sphynx: Ahem "What has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?"

Oedipus: Ha! it's MAN, because...

Panel #3

Sphynx: WRONG!!! It's WOMAN you chauvinist swine!! Writhe in agony!!

  • ZZAP!*

Oedipus: AIEEE!!

Panel #4

Sphynx: Idiot.

Off panel voice: Noooo!! Oedipus!!

Sphynx: Oh, now what?

Panel #5

Lady: Oh, my poor son/husband!!

Sphynx: Your poor WHAT?!!

Sign: <-Thebes  Monster ->

Panel #6

Lady: I... Er... That is... Uh...

Sphynx: And they call ME a monster?!! I don't think so!!

Panel #7


Greek: Begone from this place, Oedipus' Mother/Wife!

Lady: Yeah, Yeah. First this riddle you must solve...

Sign: <- Thebes   Monster ->