This is the 35th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

PHG arrives at a spa which has recently opened, as she got a coupon in the mail for a free day there. While describing the spa's features, the receptionist briefly mentions that they plan to sacrifice guests to Zobibbibab the God of Whispers, which briefly concerns PHG. However, she is quickly distracted by being given free shower sandals.

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

PHG: Hi, I got this coupon in the mail for, like, a free day at the spa.

Receptionist: Great! Here's a visitor's badge.

Panel 2

Receptionist: Before you head in, let me tell you where everything is located. The massage rooms are down the hall to your left, the swimming pool and saunas are to your right, the manicure and pedicure studio is just behind me here. If you go through the main doors there we'll bolt you to a flaming onyx pillar and sacrifice you to Zobibbibab the God of Whispers, the gymnasium is just on the other side of the front entrance, the beauty shop is right beside the gym, there's an atrium through that arch behind you where you can relax, and just past the atrium is our cafeteria where we hve a really super selection of natural foods and fruit juices!

Panel 3

PHG: Okay, I ... Wait, what was that fourth thing you sai-

Receptionist: Oh! And I almost forgot...

Panel 4

Receptionist: Each of our guests receives a complimentary pair of shower sandals!

PHG: Oh, wicked! I love these things!