Gimme Shelter is the 222nd Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

At 10pm on a Friday night, Ethel is at a bus shelter, going home after a night of socialising. Justine arrives at the shelter and starts up a conversation, so Ethel offers her an e-cigarette - having quit smoking due to PHG's concern. They begin talking about confidence, and Ethel complains that she is too self-conscious to be as confident as Justine. Justine explains that she had to work on her confidence, and part of what inspired her was her love of aircraft, and the way the distinctive silhouette is part of each aeroplane's identity. She also likens life to a zombie movie, where you are being attacked on all sides and have to cobble together defences out of whatever is available. Ethel appreciates this advice, and is hopeful it will work for her, if it isn't already.