Message 652 is the 221st Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

In the future, Alice, Grigor and their daughter Lynna visit a new museum. At an exhibit on space travel, Alice encounters a suspended animation pod which her father worked on when she was young. She then discovers a sign about a message that was discovered in the pod.

On December 24 2100, Ken (Alice's father) and Inez are working on recording status messages for the pod using a computerised voice synthesiser. They have been working long nights trying to finish the project and are clearly tired. Ken's wife Karen arrives, bringing them pizza, and asks Ken what is bothering him, but he shrugs off her questions. Ken and Inez show Karen the computerised voice, and the three of them talk about Alice, before Karen leaves for a dinner party.

Shortly after Karen leaves, Ken insists that Inez go, saying he can finish up the last section of messages on his own. Inez objects at first, but eventually leaves him alone. Ken records the last section of messages, which are a series of warnings about malfunctions with the pod, ending with a progressive countdown for if the pod fails. Finally, the only message left is the one to be played if the life support has failed, and the pod's occupant is already dead.

Expecting that no-one will ever here this message, Ken records a long explanation of his concerns about the project. While he wants to make a difference in the world, and tries to convince himself that the reward is worth the cost, he knows that some people will inevitably die because of the thing he helped create. However, he reassures the occupant that he tried his best, and he is sorry for their loss.

While the message plays, the comic fast-fowards through the pod's use and failure in several situations, and finally to the year 2130, where Alice is grown up and has her own child. Through Alice's calendar, it is shown that she planned to visit the museum for the whole year, but had to keep cancelling. The calendar also indicates that Ken died that August.

Alice and her family finally visit the museum on December 24 2130, and Alice listens to Ken's recorded message, in which he promises "I was always thinking of you."