Superhighway is the 211th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

In the future, two men called Terry and Dave are running from two distant pursuers on an abandoned, incomplete superhighway. They know the road will run out eventually, but they are hundreds of feet in the air with no way down. The pair are exhausted and Terry is angry at their pursuers, but Dave spurs him on, maintaining hope that they will escape.

The two reach the end of the road, and discover a heavy lifter. Their pursuers are still approaching, but slowly. They sit at the end of the road and talk, and Dave recounts his life as a teacher and the way that the children in his class inspire him. As their pursuers draw close, Dave remembers a secret compartment in the heavy lifter, and insists that Terry get inside, hoping that if he jumps their pursuers will assume they both died and Terry will be able to escape. In spite of his protests, Dave seals Terry inside of the compartment.

Terry hears the two pursuers arrive and see Dave's body below. They shoot at it, something they describe as a "backspace key". At first they assume Terry jumped too, as planned, but after a minute they work out Dave's plan and begin searching for the compartment. They discover Terry, and he sees that the pursuers are alternate versions of himself and Dave. Alternate Terry shoots Terry with a gun which turns him into grey goo. The two alternates then discuss their relief that the task is done, and turn to head home.