Gesundheit is the 210th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

PHG meets Ethel at a bar because Ethel texted saying she needed to talk. A tube of Preparation-H falls out of her bag and she's embarrassed, but Ethel reassures her. Ethel apologises, because she feels like she is monopolising PHG's time since she has no other friends. She also complains that the bartender misheard her when she ordered her drink, so PHG orders another one for her.

Ethel explains that she is concerned about her bad attitude towards life. She worries that her work is overly bitter and worries that hating everything is so ingrained in who she is that change is impossible. She also apologises, saying that she knows it's hard to respond to self-pity, and she wishes that there was a standard response to emotional pain like "Gesundheit" for a sneeze.

PHG replies that people show their sympathy in more personal ways, such as when Ethel made her feel better about the Prep-H, and then reassures Ethel by telling her about when she thought she was a terrible person because she got caught shoplifting in college. Ethel is appreciative, although she's surprised that PHG ever felt worthless. PHG then says that Ethel shouldn't feel bad, because PHG will have her own breakdown sooner or later.