Hallway is the 207th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

Ethel arrives in an airport corridor to find PHG already waiting there. Although they both judge each other at first, they strike up a conversation out of boredom. Ethel is there for a job interview as a cleaner, and she admits that she nearly didn't apply for the job, which PHG sympathises with, saying that a lot of her life has occurred due to chance events.

PHG admits she is there for the employee assistance office to deal with stress from her job. She asks about Ethel's writing, and the difficulty of forming a cohesive identity when some parts of yourself are necessarily private, then apologises for oversharing about herself because she is nervous. PHG then explains how she is struggling with the stress of feeling responsible for the safety of passengers, and adds that she doesn't think she could have kids because she would worry too much, and Ethel says that would probably make her a great mother, which makes PHG start crying. The finally introduce each other right before they go into their respective appointments, and they say they hope to see each other in the future.

Several months later, PHG is leaving a flight when she sees Ethel in the airport working as a cleaner. She rushes over to talk, and they sit and have a conversation.