The Superconvenient Nonreligious Confessional is the 203rd Subnormality comic.

Plot SummaryEdit

An unseen person enters a small booth advertising itself as a non-religious confessional. Inside are Rick and Bernard, who explain that this is a way to anonymously get things off your chest, although they cannot offer any advice in return, and that at the end of the session the confessee will receive a parting gift. Rick does most of the talking, while Bernard is typing on a laptop.

The confessee admits that they are in a relationship with an amazing woman whom they love, but they fear they are going to lose her because they haven't been evolving as a person. They wish they felt like they had a clear person, but they are afraid that they will be unable to change even though they want to. Finally, they add that they once ate a sandwich they had dropped on the floor.

At the end of the session, the confessee feels better for having said things out loud. The booth then prints out the parting gift: a print-out of the topics that the confession covered, accompanied by the number of confessions they have heard on that subject. The confessee is surprised and comforted by how many people feel the same way they do. Rick and Bernard explain that this is the topic of a bet between them: Bernard bet that eventually, they would find someone who was alone in their problems, but so far he is losing.

Rick and Bernard then go outside for a break, and Bernard mentions that he has run his own numbers, to which Rick replies he isn't the only one.