The Mission is the 197th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

A devout man from the future is sent back in time to before the religion he follows was founded. He expects to be joined by reinforcements, but when none arrive he integrates himself into the local society and begins to observe their ways. Over time, he travels and spreads some stories in order to see how they propagate, a point of contention in his time as some believe it would be impossible for the holy text to have spread rapidly in a pre-technology era. He finds that the stories spread quickly through the oral culture, but knowledge of their source is quickly obscured. Although stranded alone in a strange world for decades, he remains devout and follows his mission.

In time the man becomes old and unable to travel. Finally, he hears about a new technology which has been developed: writing. He is then presented with a copy of the holy text, which tells of a man who travels the world sharing stories and wisdom. He finally recognises that the purpose of his mission was to bring his own religion into existence, ensuring the future he lived in came to pass. He is comforted to realise that the work that inspired him was not divine, but a creation of mankind - not only himself, but all the people who shared his stories. He then buries his datapad with his records, leaving it for the future to uncover.

Notes Edit

In the comments section for a later comic, Winston noted the background behind this one:

I actually tried making an RPG once, back in the day, using RPG Maker for the original Playstation. It was fun, but beyond cumbersome to make, so i eventually gave up after calculating it would take about 10 years to finish the game i was making. The story i thought up for the game survived though (in much expanded form), in comic #197. #behindthescenes Link