Between Stops is the 194th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

Marie and Anneliese are on a bus, and Marie explains that her New Year's Resolution is to be perfect. She explains that it takes a lot of time to change your ingrained opinions about something, and that the issue is that people attach their identity to their beliefs. She illustrates this using a metaphor of a staircase, where it is only possible to reach the top by taking many smaller steps along the way. A perfect person would have no identity other than the truth, and so could change their beliefs instantly; however, Marie thinks this is impossible to achieve, and is only suggesting it as her resolution because she believes resolutions never get fulfilled.

She then argues that actually the journey towards change is important, as new things may be discovered along the way that then lead to destinations more interesting than the one you initially had in mind. Metaphorically, most people don't reach the 'top' of the staircase, because it has no defined end-point - they just explore it until they find something they like. For instance, Marie and Anneliese would never have met each other if they had been able to live their lives entirely as they originally imagined them. The comic then ends with an illustration of Marie and Anneliese leaning against each other halfway up a giant staircase.

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