The Rude Stranger is the 188th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

Ethel dreams that she goes home for a surprise visit, and finds out that she has a secret older brother that she wasn't allowed to meet because she was so uncool. Angry with herself, she goes to buy a coffee with her laundry money, while thinking about how she keeps sabotaging herself.

Meanwhile, Voice Over Lady gets a phone call about a last-minute audition. She cancels dinner with her child, who she rarely gets to see, and rushes over there only to be asked to read a series of military-like 'intruder alert' warnings. When she questions this, the audition is abruptly cancelled and the front office has been transformed into an ice cream parlour, and her attempts to phone her child go unanswered, leading her to grow angry that all her auditions prove pointless.

Distracted by their own anger, the two bump into each other, dropping their coffee and phone respectively. They scream at each other before continuing on their way, both thinking "What the hell is wrong with people?"

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