The Emperor of the Universe is the 187th Subnormality comic.

Plot Summary Edit

PHG is on a date, talking about her former job as a waitress, when she suddenly finds herself in the palace of the Emperor of the Universe. He and his assistant explain that the Milky Way is scheduled for demolition, and PHG has been selected to speak in its defence. When she reacts with surprise at his existence, the Emperor's assistant realises that his power is spread too thin and he has little influence on his subjects. This horrifies the Emperor, who demands a solution. When PHG wavers, he reads her mind instead.

PHG finds herself suddenly returned to her date, leaving both her and her date disorientated at the experience. She turns to see that the Emperor is now the manager at the restaurant, and takes great delight in humiliating his staff. She turns around to see that all of the other customers have turned into the Emperor as well.