Down At The Library is the 13th Subnormality comic

Plot Summary Edit

PHG arrives at the library and is surprised to find that they have phased out the books in favour of coffee, which you lease for thirty days at a time for a $2.99 payment. When she explains she needs to do some research for a history essay, the librarian persuades her to buy a cup of their 'Ancient Blend'.

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Librarian: Can I help you dear?

PHG: Uh, yeah. Where are all the, um books..?

Panel 2

Librarian: Oh, I'm sorry - we don't actually carry books anymore. SInce we merged with Starbucks we've gradually phased out the books.

Panel 3

PHG: You phased out the BOOKS. Like... Huh? So is this a library or what?

Librarian: Oh, yes, Don't worry, we're for sure the same old library! Nothing else has changed - you can still check out any items you want with your library card, and the lending period is still 30 days!

Panel 4

PHG: Items?

Librarian: Well, for instance a tall cafe latte is $2.99 plus tax, plus you need to show your library card of course, and then it's all yours for 30 days! You can renew items up to three times, in person or on the internet using the library's online system. And, same as before, once you're done with an item just bring it on back and put it in the returns box!

Panel 5

PHG: But what if I want to, like, drink it?

Librarian: Absolutely you can drink it! All you have to do then is return the equivalent dollar amount instead, within the 30 day lending period. So, again for a tall cafe latte, that's $2.99 plus tax. You can even pay online using your credit card, which is a convenient new system that we're really proud of.

Panel 6

PHG: Um...

Librarian: So is there anything I can help you find? What brings you to the library today, dear?

Panel 7

PHG I need to do some research for a history essay...

Panel 8

Librarian: Well then, I would recommend our "Ancient Blend" Mocca Java, which has a rich authentic flavor that dates back several centuries!

Panel 9

PHG: Oh, Okay! It's like a 20 page essay though, so you'd better make it a "Grande."